The Street, Charmouth, Dorset DT6 6PU
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Restaurant Menu

Please find our full restaurant menu below.

Starters Or Small Mains

Served on a bed of mixed salad
Garlic Mushrooms
Breaded garlic mushrooms with a mayo dip
West Country Crabcakes
A duo of crabcakes served on a bed of salad with a sweet chilli dip
A bowl of Authentic Calamari Rings & Tentacles
Served simply with a chunk of lemon
Garlic Bread 4 slices £4.40 8 slices £6.40
Cheesy Garlic Bread 4 slices £4.95 8 slices £6.95

Local Gourmet Burgers

All served with side salad and chips.
In a bun with onion, relish, lettuce, mayo, gherkin.

4oz Burger £7.50
add cheese + 60p
add chilli cheese + 95p
6oz Burger £8.60
add cheese + 60p
add chilli cheese + 95p
Double Cheeseburger (2x4oz) £8.95
add chilli cheese + £1.50
T-rex Monster Burger
(triple cheese burger with onion rings)
add chilli cheese + £1.75
Steak & Stilton Burger 6oz £9.20
Fillet of Fish Burger
Served in a bun with tartare, mayo & lettuce
Chicken Breast Burger £7.50
Sweet Butternut & Chick Pea Burger
Topped with melted cheese
Top your burger with BBQ pulled pork £2

Fish and chips

From the Ocean

Our fish is sourced from sustainable waters.

Fishy things served to you on newspaper
A fillet of fish fried in homemade crispy batter, served with hand cut chips with a choice of; Mushy Peas / Coleslaw / Baked Beans
Fish from sustainable waters
Choose From
Cod (medium 6-8oz) £9.80
Cod (large 8-10oz) £10.95
Haddock (8-10oz) £10.95
Hake (6-8oz) Slightly sweeter than Cod and particularly high in omega 3 £10.50
Plaice (6-8oz) £10.50
Basa (6-8oz) Farmed white fillet from the Cod family
Crispy Authentic Calamari Rings & Tentacles
Served with hand cut chips and side salad
Devon Smoked Haddock, Spring Onion & Mozzarella Fish Cakes
Served with hand cut chips and side salad
Whole Scampi Tails in Breadcrumbs
Served with hand cut chips and side salad

Gourmet Jumbo Hot Dogs

Served in a roll with your choice of onion, tomato sauce and mustard. With chips.

Original Hot Dog £6.95
Chilli Cheese Hot Dog £7.50
Veggie Hot Dog £6.95

Children's eat in menu

All meals £5.75

7" pizza - ideal for a smaller appetite
Margherita - double pepperoni - mighty meatballs

Child's size pasta meal
Macaroni cheese or beef bolognaise with pasta spirals
Served with grated cheese on the side

Small fillet of cod (skin and bones removed)
Served with chips & mushy peas or baked beans on the side

All Time Favourites:

Chunky Chicken Nuggets
Fish Fingers

All served with chips and beans

Side Orders

Garlic Bread
4 Slices £4.40
8 Slices £6.40
Cheesy Garlic Bread
4 Slices £4.95
8 Slices £6.95
Side Salad £4.50
Mixed Olives £3.95
Onion Rings £2.20
Curry Sauce £1.80
Bowl of Chips £2.40
Roll and Butter £0.75

Loaded Cheesy Chips

A bowl of chunky chips topped with a choice of:

Cheddar cheese £3.70
Chilli cheese
(cheese infused with tangy chillies)
Chilli cheese & jalapeños £4.90
Cheddar & blue cheese £5.30
BBQ pulled pork & cheddar £5.40
Baked beans & cheddar £4.95
BBQ chicken & cheese £5.40


Freshly prepared to order

Choose from authentic Italian base or a light fluffy deep pan. All our pizzas are based on the margherita style with tomato sauce & mozzarella cheese.

Our 9" & 12" pizzas are on a thin and crispy base. Deep pan (thick) bases available, 75p extra

9" 12"
Mozzarella Cheese & Tomato Sauce finished with Oregano
£6.95 £8.95
Ham & Pineapple
£7.95 £9.95
Double portion of Pepperoni
£7.95 £9.95
Mozzarella, Cheddar, Goats Cheese & Blue
£8.95 £10.95
Sun-dried Tomatoes, Goats Cheese, Mixed Peppers & Mushroom
£8.95 £10.95
BBQ Chicken, Sweetcorn, Peppers & Mushrooms
£8.95 £10.95
Pulled Pork, Cider Apple Chutney & Onion, topped with a tasty Farmhouse Cheddar
£9.40 £11.40
Chilli Beef, Jalapeño Peppers, Onions, Pepperoni & Peppers
£9.40 £11.40
Chilli Beef, Pepperoni, BBQ Chicken & Spicy Pork
£9.95 £11.95
Meatballs, Peppers, Mushroom & Onion
£9.95 £11.95
Spiced Chicken, Chorizo chunks and the sweet kick of Roquito Chilli Pepper Drops
£9.95 £11.95
Mussels, Prawns, Squid, Anchovies & Olives
£9.95 £11.95

sizes 9" or 12"
for 9" add £1.75 to 9" price
or 12" add £2.00 to 12" pizza price
These toppings contain gluten: BBQ chicken, Meatballs, Chilli Beef & Spiced Chicken (Mexican)
You are welcome to substitute these toppings.


Charmouth’s version of a classic Italian dessert, vanilla ice cream 'drowned' in espresso, topped with a local butterscotch & brandy liqueur
Churros - Spanish Donuts (6)
served with warm chocolate & caramel dips - ideal for sharing

Bread and butter pudding

Indulgent Hot Desserts

eat in £5.20
takeaway £3.95

Served with your choice of ice cream, custard or fluffy cream

  • Traditional Bread & Butter Pudding
  • Cookie Explosion - warm cookie base loaded with chocolate, brownie and honeycomb treats
  • Caramel Apple Crumble
  • Chocolate Brownie topped with Choc Fudge Sauce
  • Sticky Toffee Slice drowned in
  • warm Caramel Sauce

Ideal for 2-4 people

9" Cookie Dough Pizza
Covered with chocolate sauce, chocolate treats, chewy brownie chunks and popping candy
Served with ice cream and cream and as many spoons as you like!

Belgian chocolate sponge pudding

Yarde Farm
Individual Ice Cream Tubs £1.80

Blue Bubblegum
Banoffee Crunch
Honeycombe Delight
Chunkie Chocolate
Lemon Meringue Pie
Strawberries & Cream
Mint Choc Chip
Clotted Cream
Rum 'n' Raisin
Lemon Sorbet
Salted Caramel

Yarde Farm ice cream

Cheeky Moo Swirl £2.95

Whipped Ice Cream

Frozen Low Fat Yoghurt topped with honey & nuts
Mixed Berry
Mango Passion

Cheeky Moo Swirls

Ice Cream Sundaes

takeaway £4.50

Choc A Mess
With chunks of deep fried mars bars & choc chunks hidden in whipped chocolate ice cream & fluffy cream. Topped with chocolate sauce & sprinkles.

Warm Chocolate Fudge Brownie Sundae
Rich chocolate brownie soaked in warm choc fudge sauce hidden in whipped vanilla ice cream. Topped with cream & sauce.

Ice Cream Sundae


Freshly Ground Coffee

Americano £1.95
Cappuccino £2.40
Latté £2.60
Mocha £2.95
Espresso £1.50
Extra shot of Coffee add 50p


For One £1.40
Speciality Tea £1.60

Hot Chocolate

Regular £2.95
Deluxe Hot Chocolate topped with fluffy cream and treats £3.50


Devon made Organic Fruit Drinks
Strawberry & Blackcurrant
Raspberry & Lime
Mango & Orange
Blackcurrant & Elderflower
Pink Lemonade
Ginger & Wasabi

Soft Drinks

Cans £1.60
Italian Sanpellegrino sparkling fruit drinks
Orange / Lemon / Blood Orange / Grapefruit
Bottled Water
Still or Sparkling
Individual Bottled Drinks
Orange Juice / Apple Juice / Ginger Beer / Dandelion & Burdock
Child's Drink
Milk / Juice Carton

Cheeky Moo Shakes

Luxurious shakes made with real fruit & fat free frozen yoghurt or indulgent creamy ice cream blended treats
Choose from :

Cookies & Cream / Frappe Latte / Salted Caramel / Chocolate Chip / Strawberry Whip / Banana / Jaffa Cake
£2.95 with cream £3.50
Alcoholic Cheeky Moo Shakes also available.

Alcoholic Drinks

Local, Award Winning Beers & Ciders


From Piddle Brewery in Dorset - 500ml bottle £3.80

Piddle in a Bottle 4.1% Full bodied & amber, Piddle is sweet & malty
Silent Slasher 5.3% Strong blonde beer
No. 1 4.3% Lager

Lyme Brewery
Award winning beers from The Jurassic Coast - 500ml bottle £3.80

Cobb 3.9% Bitter
Lyme Gold 4.2% Pale ale
Golden Cap 5.4% Craft lager

Bays Brewery
Multiple award winning craft brewery - 500ml bottle £3.80

Topsail 4.00% Ale
Devon Dumpling 5.1% Premium beer
Devon Rock 4.8% Lager - 330ml bottle £2.95


Cider from Lyme Bay Made from West Country Cider Apples

Sparkling Cider - 500ml bottle £3.80

Traditional Still Scrumpy Cider - 500ml bottle £3.80

Bays West Country - Windfall Cider £3.80


By the Bottle - 750ml £12.50

White: Chardonnay / Pinot Grigio
Red: Merlot / Shiraz

Chalk Farm Single Serve Bottles
Pinot Grigio / Sauvignon Blanc / Merlot / Shiraz / Zinfandel / Rosé

Enjoy a little fizz with your fish
single serve bottle £4.20
750ml £14.75

After Dinner Drinks with a West Country Twist

25ml serving £3.80
Somerset Cider Brandy / Lyme Bay Elderberry & Port Liqueur / Lyme Bay Brandy & Butterscotch Liqueur